Event Security [Crisis Management Training]


In recent a survey of almost 200 event planners, it was found that 18% will be prioritising ‘Training’ in 2019.  Personal development and learning new skills were cited as a priority across all levels of seniority, even among participants with over 10 years events-experience.  One area of education that is seen as priority is Crisis Management Training. As an event planner, you may already have your own Company Crisis Management policy, but has this been tested?  The hotels and conference facilities you use will also have their own procedures, but are you considering these when instructing your delegates in a crisis? A carefully prepared Crisis Management plan for each event is essential. Knowing whom you communicate with in a crisis can mean the difference between failure or success. 

Clients are increasingly asking about crisis response and emergency procedures for destinations that have traditionally been perceived as ‘low risk’. Many event planners are undertaking ‘Crisis Management’ training to ensure that ‘Duty of Care’ for employees, delegates and attendees is covered. As an Event Planner, do you feel up to speed with industry knowledge? Do you have a Business Continuity, and Emergency Response plan in place should something go wrong? Would you benefit from Crisis Management Training? It is important for all levels to understand the many human, organisational and logistical challenges of managing crisis so that the most effective contingency arrangements are determined. 


Communication and clear passage of information is a crucial part of event and travel safety and is a key topic within any good Crisis Management Training. Implementing the use of a traveller tracking platform, such as Priavo’s Locate Global, onto a smart device can help track, monitor and inform delegates or team members as they travel.  You can communicate potential safety issues, provide invaluable country risk information as well as security updates for evolving incidents on the ground.

Cyber Security

Another key concern to consider is Event Cyber Security. Travellers may be accustomed to using their organisation’s secure networks, such as a VPN (virtual private network), when at an airport or hotel but may access free wi-fi at a venue. They could potentially send confidential information and attachments over an unsecured network. Monitoring, threat analytics, and incident response are key as we see event organisers, venues and agents targeted with, what is frequently, a blended attack where cyber is only one component.

We have several recent articles that can help inform you further on risk mitigation including ‘Top five security tips when organising your next event’ and ‘Event Security Crisis Management’. Security Awareness, training and education is a good place to start. Ultimately it is a company’s reputation at stake if something does go wrong. Priavo can propose and recommend tailored plans, procedures, training and security services for your organisation. Contact us if you would like to get ahead for 2019 and embed the most ‘up to date’ Event Security protocols for forthcoming events.

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