Cyber Security strategies for the New Year?

What should businesses look out for when putting together their cyber security strategies for the new year?


As cyber attackers become more sophisticated, organisations and cyber security experts become better at dealing with threats. and in the current threat landscape businesses need to do all they can to mitigate the risk to their operations and customers.

Greater Security Risk in the Cloud | Security has long been a challenge to cloud services. It is the convenience of cloud that increases the risk, such as single-sign-on functionality used by many software-as-a-service (SaaS) based applications, making it easier for hackers to gain access to the wider business.

More connections, More vulnerabilities. IoT and 5G connectivity | As costs come down, IoT adoption will rise next year, especially in the corporate environment. These connected devices are becoming less “nice to haves” and more expected in business. With more devices connected to the internet via 5G, the more opportunity cyber attackers will have to compromise systems and networks. And while we’ve seen an increase in IoT-enabled office spaces, we haven’t necessarily seen the same rise in security around them.

The Growth of Social Media as a Weapon | Social media has long been a treasure trove of information for cyber criminals targeting businesses. It’s a key tool in social engineering, helping attackers identify staff, get an understanding of the organisation, its reporting structure, culture, the way they talk, office locations and even security systems, such as access control, through posts and photos on social media platforms. In 2020 we will see social media move away from being primarily an intelligence gathering tool to be a threat vector itself; a mechanism to deliver attacks, be it delivering malware or sophisticated phishing attacks.  

Attacks will be bigger and have a larger business impact | The more data there is in cyber space, the greater the risk for businesses and bigger the opportunity for hackers. It stands to reason the more data growth, the more attacks. Plus, as organisations continue to integrate systems and applications, cyber-attacks will become far wider reaching. For example, in the past a DDoS attack, could take down an organisation’s website.

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