A Short Guide to Emerging Cyber Threats

Sometimes cybersecurity threats are not immediate but emerging. For businesses to outwit these future threats, foresight and awareness are key – the best line of defence is prevention. These are the top five emerging cyber threats to mitigate:

Damaging data breaches

When it comes to data, one of the more frequent threats is leaked information, lost or ransomed after an unauthorised breach. The information within these attacks is almost always sensitive or confidential to a business operation, which is then used with malicious intent.

Weak applications and other insecurities

Storage of company information should always be vetted. Often the vulnerability of external, or third-party applications can be risky. With due diligence, research, and ensuring that your teams use authorised applications, you can avoid compromising your systems.

Compromised staff accounts

Accounts are easily hacked and those with most privileges are the greatest concern. Stolen passwords can be gained through fraud or phishing and provide an open door to intruders. By assigning permissions and credentials to specific staff whilst ensuring the rest are secure, businesses can minimise their exposure.

Authority misuses

Insider threat and employees that can retrieve information or data with limited detection should be a security concern. Damage could be incidental, done in error, or malicious risks could arise from leaving systems open instead of logging off.

Lack of training and awareness

The major weakness of any organisation is the lack of training. Many cybercrimes are external –however human error is often an invitation for outsiders to exploit. Awareness and training should be embedded into your business culture to prevent any weak chains in your security.

Remaining aware of emerging cyber threats and risks that could negatively affect your operations is key to keeping your business secure. Visit www.priavosecurity.com for more information.

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