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Security is a hot topic within the events industry. An evolving global security landscape, increasing globalisation, geopolitical protests, Duty of Care legislation and exposed Venue Vulnerabilities have forced many event planners to re-think their contingency planning and crisis management procedures.

Should an incident occur, could you quickly locate and communicate with your mobile workforce: delegates, team, suppliers or guests?  Implementing the use of a Traveller tracking app, such as Priavo’s Locate Global, onto a smart device can help track, monitor and inform delegates as they travel, as well as provide invaluable up-to-date in country information and security advice.

In order to scale up, remain competitive, efficient and ultimately improve the delegate experience, Event Tech is a real necessity.

Delegate information, live audience engagement, agenda management, accommodation and travel reservations and are all available within event apps, giving planners the power to engage with their attendees at conferences, tradeshows or meetings. Providing real time event information, networking features, sharing content and gathering feedback revolutionizes the event experience for all involved. Sounds invaluable..? But with Data Breaches now a common daily occurrence across the globe, your Event Tech and App Security requires due consideration. Reputations can be damaged over night, as we have witnessed recently in the media with ‘large scale’ information leaks, data hacks and identity theft. Deloitte states that ”there is an 80% chance of a company losing at least 20% of its value due to a crisis in reputation”. 

So, how can you avoid using inadequate Event Tech?

  1. Invest in a Cyber Risk Assessment to access, identify and modify your overall security posture before you embark on investing in an app.
  2. Avoid ‘DIY’ event technology or ‘free downloads’ at all costs.
  3. Request ‘security’ and ‘data handling’ procedures from your app provider. Do you have an SLA in place. Steer clear if they don’t have all the measures in place to secure your data. 
  4. Does your app provider have encryption technology in place, are they fully complaint with GDPR? 
  5. Where is the Data stored – are you confident that nominated ‘cloud based’ server platforms are secure?  
  6. Vetting your suppliers IS ESSENTIAL: request references, proof of compliance, Terms and Conditions. 
  7. Research your liability in the event of a breach. What insurance is currently in place to cover potential breaches?
  8. Many event apps use RFID technology.  Ensure you are asking the right questions about Data Protection.

Contact Us if you would like further advice, or information on the security procedures we have in place for Priavo event security tech, apps and platforms. 

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