How are the wealthy protecting their homes?

With the recent sentencing for the burglary at the home of ex-footballer Ashley Cole – in which he and his partner were bound with cable ties – what measures are wealthy homeowners using to defend their homes?

Increasingly, homes in affluent areas like Holland Park and Kensington, where properties sell for millions, have become a focus for criminal activity. These ‘high-end burglaries’ are professional and often organised by criminal organisations travelling from overseas, with the aim of targeting properties and getting out of the country quickly. This is not an isolated incident:

  • In 2022 the home of former England captain David Beckham and his fashion designer wife Victoria was burgled while they were inside resulting in several items reportedly stolen.
  • Premier League footballer Joao Cancelo suffered injuries whilst attempting to fight off a gang of intruders at this home who took all his jewellery in the raid.
  • In 2021 boxer Tommy Fury and Social media influencer Molly-Mae Hague reportedly lost £800,000 worth of belongings in a raid on their Manchester flat.
  • In 2019 Formula 1 heiress Tamara Ecclestone’s mansion was targeted, in which an Italian gang of jewellery thieves stole hundreds of items of jewellery, cash, diamonds and precious stones worth £25m.

So how much does it cost wealthy homeowners, many of whom spend extended periods away, to have manned security 24/7 all-year round at their home?

Each individual residence requires carefully tailored security, specific to the property, and the risks the household may face. Security can cost upwards from £150,000 annually, and many high-profile clients see it as an investment in the safety and security of their family. There are many additional preventative measures, in addition to a residential security team, that can be implemented:

Personal Protection Dogs

A number of celebrities have enlisted the help of dogs to protect their homes, including rapper Stormzy and footballers Jack Grealish and Jesse Lingard. Protection dogs provide a visible deterrent to intruders and offer a more unobtrusive method of protection. Trained German shepherds are a common choice and can cost anywhere up to £10,000.

Panic Rooms

Installing panic rooms is increasingly becoming standard practice for the wealthy and famous, over fears of being in a house with an intruder. TV star Gemma Collins admitted installing panic rooms in her Essex house, reportedly worth £1.3m, following an incident with burglars escaping her previous flat in 2015. A basic panic room can cost around £40,000 and can be hidden behind false walls, mirrors and even shoe racks.

CCTV and Alarm Systems

Often used paired with a safe room, alarm systems provide families with warning of activity outside, providing them time to lock themselves in a safe area. Within panic rooms, there is a link to the CCTV, and assistance from security teams or the police can be organised.

At Priavo Security our objective is to protect assets, people, and properties, reviewing the effectiveness of present security procedures and working with our clients to establish a multi-layered approach, tailored specifically to their situation and risk profile.

Our Residential Security Teams undertake comprehensive assessments to upgrade home security to the highest level, ensuring physical protection of family members, household staff and assets. To speak to an expert, contact

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