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Our partners at Infosec are experts in cybersecurity, with over 15 years of experience they offer an extensive range of cybersecurity services. They have brought together five useful remote working tools that you may not have considered. These tools are easy to set up, cost-effective and are in some cases free.

The 5 Infosec Cybersecurity tools include:

  1. Secure video conferencing
  2. Secure encrypted storage
  3. Sensitive data discovery
  4. Secure wireless for homeworkers
  5. Home device endpoint protection

Secure Video Conferencing

Armour Mobile provides secure voice calls, video calls, one-to-one and group messaging, voice and video conference calls, file attachments, sent/ received/read message status and the option for messages to automatically delete once read or after a set time. It prevents mobile communications whether voice, text, video or conference from being intercepted by devices such as IMSI catchers, or hacks using the SS7 protocol and others. It enables secure collaboration between trusted colleagues when discussing commercially sensitive information such as corporate intellectual property, financial transactions, and customer details.

Secure Encrypted Storage

If execs or key personnel are storing data at home or if you need to send data in the post, Apricorn is a great solution. Not to be confused with software encrypted USB drives, this is true hardware device protection with advanced admin control. They are great for storage but also can be utilised to run a full corporate build operating system for companies that are unable to provision laptops for remote users, but also need to separate user and work data when using a home computer.

Sensitive Data Discovery

Infosec Partners have been working with Groundlabs, a data discovery & protection company for many years. They like it as it is easy to use and not massively expensive even at an enterprise level. They have partnered with Groundlabs to provide a complimentary 90-day version of its data discovery solution Enterprise Recon to their clients. Enterprise Recon allows users to scan all PC’s, servers, cloud resources, email and remote machines for sensitive or personal data. They are using it a lot with clients to make sure there is not excessive sensitive data on end-user machines with everyone working at home.

Secure Wireless for Homeworkers

Home networks are not the same as corporate networks, home networks have a router rather than a firewall, a wifi point with a basic shared password for all and have many connected devices with low levels of security. Covid-19 has made attacks to home systems far more likely to succeed, primarily because you can now be 100% sure key staff are working at the home each day, but also because it is trivial to find out where someone lives & also that it is easy to break into all home wifi networks.

Most enterprises have sent staff home with their work laptop to connect to their home wifi network and to VPN back to the office. Nothing has been done to improve the wireless security and most are operating in the ‘untrusted’ home network. It is easy to provision a secure wireless network for home users, post the user an access point, they plug it into their existing router and then connect as if they were in the office. A secure wireless point for select home users adds a lot of protection and will even improve coverage around the home.

Home Device Endpoint Protection

Businesses have been ramping up the security of corporate PC’s and laptops for the increased threat of operating within home networks as a norm. The networks are generally not well secured with many uncontrolled devices in the home. You can reduce the threat and also help to protect staff and their families by providing protection software for their home machines. FortiEDR can monitor PC’s and laptops for viruses and malicious activity and also identify all IoT devices within the home network.

For more information on the cybersecurity services Priavo, and our partners provide, click here. For more information on the Infosec cybersecurity tools listed within this article, click here.

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