Threats are evolving, have you?

Challenging situations happen every day: severe weather, workplace violence, medical concerns, terrorism, IT and power outages, environmental disturbances, critical equipment failures, cyber-attacks, geo-political protests and more… These can threaten safety, affect brand reputation, interrupt supply chains and disrupt operations.

Locate-Global is a critical event management solution designed to strengthen resilience, manage incident response, crisis management and mass communication.

Our cloud-based dashboard allows for full visibility of your workforce and the incidents that they are involved with globally. By rapidly pinpointing emergencies using the latest spatial awareness technology, and by automating pre-defined processes it provides an adaptable and intelligent platform to safeguard your organisation.

Access to statistical risk data gives a comprehensive log of all incidents and response actions providing a complete categoric record of all decisions. This is displayed in an easy, user friendly format that is accessible at any time, during and after critical events.

For users, our mobile application is fully compatibility with the latest IOS and Android providing reliable performance. The latest in wireless wearable technology provides simple activation and ease of use, whilst activation immediately collects both video and audio from source.

Locate-Global incident management technology is built on the most secure, scalable and reliable infrastructure to provide real-time detection, situational awareness and an integrated response.

For more information please click to visit our website Locate. Click here for more information on our Travel Risk Management Services.

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