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Maritime 360 Alliance / Electronic Security services
Electronic Page Drone Defence

Drone defence and surveillance UAV

Detect, identify and disable ‘unwanted’ drones at an early stage to maintain privacy and safety onboard. Whether it’s keeping track of VIPs, ensuring a safe passage or assessing a long-range threat, the military encrypted UAV provides a secure connection, voice transmission, internet to the main vessel, live video streaming and thermal imagery.

Electronic Page CCTV


HD/4K cameras provide essential analytics to assist with human detection, MOB, fire and smoke detection, as well as aiding navigation. Long-range CCTV is used for early detection and identification of a threat with HD thermal observation. Built-in counter measure options include laser dazzler and other classified options, which are subject to NDA.

Electronic Page Inbound Threat radar imaging

Inbound Threat Radar Imaging

360 HD thermal radar provides stable images, detecting air and sea targets with AIS identification – informing on both distance and speed and enabling you to monitor marine traffic from a safe distance. Identify wooden skiff and ribs which normal radar would not detect. Thermal imagery also assists MOB.

Electronic Page SONAR and 3D Imaging 2

Sonar Alerts and 3D Imaging

Detect, track and deter with advanced sonar to alert security to divers and incoming submersibles. Providing a secure underwater perimeter around the vessel. Sonar can be lowered by hand or installed in a hoist system. 3D imaging navigation sensors can be placed on the main vessel or tender.


Tender Security

Encrypted AIS asset tracking with onboard CCTV transmits live multiple video streams to the main vessel with secure voice and internet transmission. Integrated sonar for safe passage, engine management and health and safety. Hijacking protection with remote disabling, panic alarm and automatic message to the bridge/security team.