A Night in the Commons: Nekton Official Launch

Nekton Official Launch Event

Our CEO, Pete Murphy, attended the Nekton Offical Launch Event. Hosted by the commonwealth, it was an incredible gathering of people committed to the protection of the oceans. The event outlined Nekton’s next deep-sea mission: ‘The Midnight Zone’ aligned with the Blue Charter and included a panel of esteemed guests Patricia Scotland QC CSG, Derick Alley, Farah Faizal, Oliver steeds.

Sheena Talma explained the importance of the Knowledge Exchange network which underpins research expeditions and plans during the First Descent Midnight Zone mission. Nektons Principal Scientist Dr. Lucy Woodall explained the science and importance of studying and exploring undersea mountains: the missions main research focus.

Seychelles High Commissioner Derick Ally brought everyone back to the incredible moment last year when Danny Faure spoke to the world from Nektons submersible on the importance of our oceans and reiterated Seychelles’ commitment to ocean protection. Lastly the High Commissioner of the Maldives to the UK Dr Farah Faizal welcomed the launch of First Descent Midnight Zone which will underpin ocean action and research in the Maldives.

Priavo will once again, be providing the highest level of maritime security throughout the expedition, keeping scientists and crew safe whilst they undergo this ground-breaking mission.

Stay tuned as the transits move ahead next week. Follow our social media @Priavo-Security for more Nekton Official Launch updates direct to your newsfeed. For more information on Nektons previous mission, click here.

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