Secure Drive: Making your Journey Safe

It’s a harsh reality of the world we now live in that many people are understandably fearful when it comes to public travel. We are witnessing heightened security across the board and the ground transport sector is no exception. Priavo offers Secure Drive, protective transportation services in key strategic locations, across the globe for business travel.

We provide trained and vetted drivers | Assurance is essential, and all of our drivers are highly trained with evasive and defensive driving skills. They have up-to-date working knowledge of local areas and will assess geography and road layouts for potential security issues. This ensures critical journey management allowing our clients to travel safely and efficiently wherever they go.

We offer secure armoured vehicles in med-high risk regions | Armoured vehicles are graded, each with varying levels of effectiveness. We research the area, the terrain and the risk factors that you are travelling through and advise you on our professional verdict.

We ensure a secure tracking system allows for live updates | Tracking and communication of all movements and transfers is often vital. A secure tracking system allows for live updates, tracking and communication of all movements and transfers. Additionally, for a further layer of security, our Travel Safety App, Locate Global can monitor the whereabouts of travellers and has a built-in geofencing, mass communication and risk reporting functionality.

Our operatives regularly work with and complement existing security teams |  Often collaboration is key when providing full ground-based travel protection. We offer full 24-hour operational support in medium to high-risk areas globally.

We don’t compromise your priorities | Discretion is incredibly valuable for us and our clients. We covertly perform operational logistics and support your itinerary with minimal disruption to your travel arrangements. Additional and private charter flights, secure limousine transportation and hotel bookings can all be prearranged for events and travelling executives.

For more information on Secure Drive, or for more travel management options, please contact us.