Security Audits: Safeguard Critical Assets

Security Audits: Safeguarding all Critical Assets | People | Property | Infomation | Reputation.

Priavo provide comprehensive security surveys, on-site analysis, risk assessments and penetration testing to ascertain your current security status.

  • We will review the effectiveness of your present security and emergency response procedures.
  • We will identify existing and potential vulnerabilities to your facilities, infrastructure, operations, personnel, brand, IT systems and data management.
  • We will calculate the probability of a threat, overall vulnerability to attack and the impact it will have on you.
  • We will determine the protection needed and recommend a number of counter measures, defined by a criticality rating and cost benefit analysis.

Our security teams will work alongside you to ensure correct and effective implementation is carried out to improve overall security, and then establish a multi-layered electronic and personnel approach to your security program that is tailored specifically to your situation. 

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