Travel Risk Management Linkin Park Music Tour in South America

VIP Music Tour and Close Protection: LATAM

Private Security South America

Executive Protection of High-Profile Artist, Production Team, Tour Management, Entourage and Guests Across 4 Countries.

Our Approach

  • Country and Regional Risk Assessments.
  • Full reconnaissance carried out weeks prior on hotels, airports, routes, venues, tour site’s, medical and emergency facilities and safe havens.
  • Secure Journey Management of 50+ people. All third-party personnel vetted.
  • In-Country licenced Armed Support within each separate country (over 4 countries).
  • Trained and vetted drivers and armoured vehicles for transport.
  • Full operational, crisis management, evacuation and contingency plans adopted across all stakeholders.
  • Manpower: 6 UK Executive Protection operatives, 13 local operatives. Vehicles and drivers. 1 embedded Security Manager.
  • Result

    Priavo operatives escorted the Principal and key stakeholders to and from all locations maintaining a safe environment around the Principal, managing and mitigating all types of threat. Our security team remained fully flexible throughout the task to offer full support, liaising with local assets and key contacts. Priavo operations coordinated all road moves, logistical support and secure transportation briefing the Principal and key personnel on security measures adopted.  

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