Maritime Security And Medical Response in the Maldives

Maritime Security And Medical Response: Maldives

Maritime Security South East Asia

Armed Maritime Security and Overwatch of Vessel, Scientists, Crew and Media on Marine Exploration and Conservation Mission.

Our Approach

  • Maritime Intelligence Overwatch: Regular regional monitoring and assessment providing up to date intelligence and reporting incidents which may impact the mission
  • Security survey of the vessel. Lock down procedures and safe area locations (Citadels) confirmed. Advice on ship hardening, as appropriate. Advise and train the vessel’s crew on actions in the event of a piracy incident.
  • Swimmer: Operative utilised their maritime expertise to safeguard submersibles as they were winched in and out of the water, as the role of a ‘swimmer’.
  • HRA Transit: Security Survey of Vessel, 24-hour watch cover, augmented where necessary by deck crew look outs with an incident management plan. 24/7 Armed response capability on board the vessel.
  • Security Liaison: Provision of Maritime Protection Services for the duration of the 7-week exploration task. Liaison with Seychellois Government Security Forces and Maritime Authorities.
  • Medical Response: First Person on Scene Intermediate (FPOSI) and First Response Emergency Care (RQF) for prehospital care emergencies and medical emergencies on board.


Priavo Security joined Nekton on their journey of scientific discovery in 2018, providing fundamental risk management and maritime security operatives onboard for their First Descent mission in the Seychelles – to safeguard crew and deter the very real risk of piracy. From high-risk area transits, piracy drills and crew training to navigating local support, managing key stakeholder risk criteria and facilitating a presidential visit, our team were on board with Nekton every step of the way.

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