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Maritime Security Superyacht: Red Sea

Maritime Security Africa

Regular Armed Transits of Superyacht Transiting the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, the Arabian Sea.

Our Approach

• Armed response maintained on board vessel for duration of transit. Remaining onboard until Port Victoria
• 24-hour watch cover, augmented by deck crew lookouts
• 24-hour bridge presence to ensure clear comms with captain and crew
• Comprehensive ops support, alert monitoring, country and regional risk assessments
• Monitored information from international Naval Forces, other agencies and coalition in full compliance with BMP5

• Vessel security assessment providing a full security briefing and advice on yacht defences and hardening measures
• Conducted regular piracy training and counter measure drills for all officers and crew
• X and S band radar used throughout to ensure no risk of an unnoticed approach
• Manpower: 4-Armed Maritime Security Operatives
• Equipment: Registered firearms, body armour, night vision devices, online AIS vessel tracking, sat phone for HQ contact


At Priavo we understand the myriad of threats facing owners and operators today and deploy specialist teams for Super Yacht Security. Our operatives are all former members of the British Special Boat Service or ex-Royal Marine Commandos. They are highly trained, armed professionals in Maritime Security and provide both physical and electronic deterrence whilst on board – with experience of over 6,000 successful armed transits.

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