Executive Protection and Journey Management in West Africa

Travel Risk Management And Executive Protection: West Africa

Corporate Security Africa

Executive Protection and Journey Management for Principal travelling Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso for aircraft inspections across multiple locations.

Our Approach

• Full Travel Risk assessment with data intelligence for destination

• Full medical risk assessment to identify local hospital and medical centre

• Location recces prior to Principal’s arrival for familiarisation carried out by local EPO

• Operational planning and preparation utilising Priavo’s operational planning portal

• Security surveys on all relevant areas including airport, meeting venues and accommodation

• Pre-defined incident escalation, crisis management and response plan

• Vehicle transfer, checks and driver brief including route recces to ID diversion points/escape routes

• Dedicated operations team overwatch for the entirety of the task

• Secure communication established with relevant stake holders

• In country security support, airport meet and greet, airport facilitation, secure vehicle transportation. Daily intelligence reports.

• Manpower:1 Armed Local Executive Protection Officer, 1 Local Security Trained Driver and vehicle


Priavo operatives escorted the Principal and key stakeholders to and from all locations maintaining a safe environment around the Principal, managing and mitigating all types of threat. Our security team remained fully flexible throughout the task to offer full support, liaising with local assets and key contacts. Priavo operations coordinated all road moves, logistical support and secure transportation briefing the Principal and key personnel on security measures adopted.  

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