Travel Risk Management [Female Travel]

Unfortunately there are many real risks facing business travellers today, especially those travelling and working abroad. At one end you have terror attacks, epidemic diseases and natural disasters and although these incidents are infrequent they often gain huge media coverage. At the other end, there are far more prevalent incidents that regular travellers face such as road traffic accidents, illnesses, infectious diseases and petty crime.  Additional challenges can occur for female travel especially women travelling alone and large scale disasters often divert attention from the simple day-to-day risks that can affect your safety. 

All risks should be considered under ‘Duty of Care’ within any robust Travel Risk Management policy. This policy usually sits with your company’s security team, HR department or Travel Manager but organisers and bookers must also contribute to reflect new information.

Pre-departure planning, researching your destination and taking various ‘security awareness’ precautions can improve your safety as you travel, as we have outlined in our infographic below. Please also read our recent blog covering Female Health Risks and Medical Concerns during travel. If you intend to travel globally and have concerns please contact us for an in-depth analysis and our recommendations to secure your journey. 

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