Travel Risk Report: Brazil

The security risks in Brazil vary according to area and the profile of the traveller. Crime, both of a violent and petty nature, is a major concern throughout the country. The risk is particularly elevated in low-income settlements (locally known as favelas) in major towns and cities. The crime threat in Brazil includes the activity of express kidnapping which occurs in Brazilian urban centres and involves the short-term abduction of people with the objective of having them withdraw money from an ATM or taking their valuables. Travellers are often targeted. Demonstrations occur frequently in urban centers and occasionally turn violent. There are cases of kidnapping in the country, but these are usually conducted by criminals against wealthy local businessmen and travellers are not generally affected. Although there is not ordinarily a significant risk of terrorism, the threat is marginally elevated during major international events, such as the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro. Medical facilities are reasonable in major cities, but are limited in rural areas. Please be aware this is a brief overview and our advice would be to thoroughly research your destination prior to travel. Our travel risk department can provide country reports, travel risk summaries, advice and support to help mitigate risk further.

Priavo Security