Travel Risk Report: Jamaica

Jamaica’s main security concern is both petty and violent crime. The capital, Kingston, and the country’s second largest city, Montego Bay, have higher levels of crime compared to other areas of the country, and the risk is particularly elevated in lower income areas of these cities. In January this year, the government declared a state of emergency in St James, Montego Bay to curtail crime, violence and the scamming  of tourists – both Britain and Canada have told tourists to limit their movements outside gated resorts. Demonstrations in Jamaica often take place unexpectedly and can turn violent. They most commonly take place in Kingston. Currently, there are no major concerns of kidnapping or terrorism. Medical facilities are limited outside Kingston and Montego Bay. Please be aware, this is a brief overview and our advice would be to thoroughly research your destination prior to travel. Our travel risk department can provide country reports, travel risk summaries, advice and support to help mitigate risk further.