Travel Risk Report: Morocco

Our Travel Risk Report – Morocco shows there are a number of security concerns in the country. There is an ongoing terrorist threat posed by Islamist extremists and the country has a history of recent attacks and foiled terror plots. This risk is most significant near popular tourist sites in the cities of Casablanca, Marrakech, Tangier and Fez, and remains noteworthy in the capital, Rabat, and other urban centres. Two foreign nationals were murdered while hiking near Mount Toubkal in December 2018. Moroccan authorities arrested four individuals in connection with the murders, including one reported to have had links to “an extremist group”. Petty crime is a concern in major cities, with the risk elevated in areas frequented by tourists. Violent crime is not common, but criminals are often armed and may resort to violence should victims fail to comply with their demands.

Demonstrations have become increasingly common in Morocco. The focal points for such demonstrations have been the country’s northern Rif region, especially the city of al-Hociema. These gatherings have sometimes turned violent. There is no established kidnapping trend in Morocco; however, an elevated threat exists in rural areas and near the border with Algeria where Islamist extremist groups operate. There is a latent threat of conflict in Morocco. The primary threat is limited to the Western Sahara region; the administration of which remains disputed between Morocco and the Polisario Front separatist. A secondary conflict threat stems from counterterrorism operations across the country.

Morocco is a strict Islamic country and there are various acts and relations that are deemed illegal. This has put LGBT travellers and travellers that are unaware of the legal framework at risk of prosecution. Adequate healthcare services are available in major cities at private medical facilities. Healthcare services in rural areas are limited.

We advise you check for recommended vaccines before you travel and due to risks posed by Zika virus, pregnant women should reconsider their need to travel to the country. Please be aware this Travel Risk Report is a brief overview.  To get a comprehensive understanding of the risks and their impact these could have on your travellers, please contact us.   Our travel risk department can provide country reports, travel risk summaries, advice and support.  

Travel Risk Report - Morocco

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