Travel Risk [Reporting and Rating]

It is always advisable that travellers understand the environment in which they are travelling and are aware of the potential risks in order to take reasonable precautions. Priavo provides Travel Risk Reports that help our clients fulfill their duty of care responsibilities by giving travellers information that can help mitigate and understand risk when working, living or visiting somewhere outside their usual environment.

Over the last 12 months we have provided reports for business travellers and private individuals travelling to all corners of the world. We have seen an increased demand from organisations undertaking business in high-risk areas or investing and outsourcing operations in emerging markets and complex environments. Additionally, there has been a global change in the risk profile of countries and cities traditionally seen as “safe”.  The world is changing fast and whilst risk can never be “removed”, it can be effectively “managed” with access to the right information, behaviours and professional security support.

Priavo’s Travel Risk Reports provide a geopolitical country overview, risk and hazard ratings and security advise and considerations to keep your employees safe. Latest developments, a travel checklist, transport advice and general safety information is reported covering everything from cultural etiquette and emergency contacts to immigration procedures and environmental concerns. 

We keep track of developments and changes worldwide, so you can focus on your business travel, company objectives and meetings. The cost of being prepared is minimal; the costs of not understanding the risks and taking appropriate precautions are unlimited.

Contact us now for a reduced priced risk report service to help protect your assets, people and reputation wherever they travel.  This is available through an unlimited annual subscription or, as needed, for specific events, projects or trips.  


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