UHNW Close Protection is a high-level security service aimed primarily at the protection of a high-profile individual against any known or unknown threat. Robust journey management is paramount to any successful executive protection program as movements will always be one of the most vulnerable points in a principal’s routine. The provision of trained and vetted drivers, secure vehicles and detailed planning allows clients to travel safely and efficiently wherever they go. A secure tracking system is essential for live updates, tracking and monitoring of all movements and transfers. 

When moving a principal from point to point on an UHNW Close Protection task, a mobile security team can comprise of the following:  

  • Security Advance Party (SAP). Responsible for going ahead to undertake route recces, as well as checking and securing venues for the principal’s arrival.
  • The Client’s PPO (Personal Protection Officer). Directly responsible for a principal’s protection and directs other team members.
  • Back Up PES (Personal Escort Section). In addition to the principal’s bodyguard within the vehicle, there will be a back-up car containing other members of the mobile security team.
  • QRF (Quick reaction force). A team to respond to emergencies and provide security support to the mobile security team

The Mobile Security Force can vary, depending on threat levels, client’s budgets and location size and accessibility. EPO’s provide a fluid level of security that is adjustable to every situation. They provide protection by adopting various formations in order to protect the principal as he or she enters or exits the vehicle (known as ‘Embus and Debus’).  

UHNW Close Protection Services are also supplemented and supported by a 24/7 overwatch group – providing HQ-based support to all Executive Protection teams throughout their operations. Other services include Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), Counter Surveillance, Protective Surveillance and Intelligence Gathering all which aid existing teams on the ground.

For more information on Priavo’s Executive Protection security services, visit our website.


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