Protecting People: What is Executive Protection?

Executive Protection of high-profile individuals is a necessity in a global environment where violence is an acceptable medium in which to send political, religious and personal messages. With the unlimited availability of information on the net, individuals who were previously under the radar are now easily accessible and are at an increased risk if the necessary precautions are not implemented. Priavo offer a full range of security services for corporates, high profile and private individuals, ensuring the safety of our clients at home, at work, or travelling to any location where there is a perceived risk.

We provide Executive Protection for individuals and assets, security coverage at any corporate facility or private residence and travel risk management to mitigate risk for private individuals or corporates operating within complex environments. Executive Protection works to mitigate the elevated and ever-evolving personal risk of individuals due to their prominence, wealth, occupation, reputation, travel destinations or other factors. Logistical support is provided in all cases enabling one secure point of coordination.

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