Travel Risk Management [Armoured Vehicles]

Increased globalism and growing security threats are causing an increased vulnerability in many parts on the world.  Many of our clients use a variety of Travel Risk Management services to help mitigate this risk including secure drive and security trained, vetted drivers. If you are travelling to a medium to high risk destination and the assessed risk determines the use of armoured vehicles, it is important to source a reliable, vetted provider prior to your arrival in country. Below are five tips to consider when sourcing your armoured vehicle provider:

1. Research your Area: Armoured vehicles are graded, each with varying levels of effectiveness. Research the area and terrain that you are travelling to and discuss with your security provider. A vetted provider will suggest the relevant vehicle.

2. Vehicle Safety: The modifications that are made to vehicles to enable them to become armoured, in turn affect the driving characteristics.  The weight of the vehicle changes which can affect the stopping distances and can cause the vehicle to be more prone to rolling over. Armoured vehicles must be fitted with ‘run flat’ tyres with the correct suspension and brake modifications. Check with your provider that your vehicle has received the necessary checks.

3. Low Profile: Armoured vehicles need to blend in and be of low profile. Depending on the travel risks identified,  it is advisable not to highlight that you have booked and will be travelling in an armored vehicle.

4. Vetted and Trained Drivers: A well trained security driver is imperative for your armoured vehicle.  It is important to ensure the supplier that you use can provide drivers with evasive and defensive driving skills with excellent working knowledge of the local area that you are visiting.

5. Integrated Security Plan: Using an armoured vehicle offers an extra layer of security during your ground transportation, however it is essential to carry out an accurate risk assessment prior to travelling, which may determine that Executive Protection or Travel Risk Management be utilised as part of your overall security.

For the ultimate in travel efficiency, comfort and safety whilst in country, Priavo offers secure transportation services in over 3000 key strategic locations across the globe. From secure airport facilitation and group chaperone to close protection we can help mitigate your risk. For more information please contact us.

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