Locate: Mass Notification [video]

Locate: Mass Notifications by Celine Murphy

Here is Celine, our Managing Director, talking about our personal safety platform, Locate, designed to keep travellers safe wherever they are in the world. Please view our video Locate: Mass Notification Feature below.

Things can go wrong on business and although we cannot always control them, we can take measures which will make a vast difference to the outcome. Locate has many features including:

GPS Monitoring and Alerts
Country Travel Risk Reports
Journey, Meeting and Itinerary Planners and Timers

Importantly, our mass notifications feature allows you to communicate vital information to thousands of people within seconds – whether you need to let your team know about disruption in a certain area or warn them of an emerging incident. Messages are delivered simultaneously through SMS, email and ‘in-app’ push notifications. This allows employers to deploy a crisis management response. Additionally, Locate’s geofencing technology and live maps can be used to notify employees of safe and no-go areas.

Locate enables you to protect your travellers and manage emerging incidents, ultimately improving your organisation’s resilience.

For more details or to book a demo, visit: locate-global or click learn more about our Travel Risk Management service. 

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