Locate: A New Generation in Travel Safety

Travel disruption has been impacted recently with environmental, political, transport, security, travel safety and medical factors, all of which require due consideration when planning a business trip. Integrating a Travel Risk Management plan within your business can mitigate travel risk without adding complication and unnecessary processes. Using something as simple as locate: our traveller safety app is a cost-effective measure to monitor your travellers globally. Locate’s 6 key features are outlined below:

  • Tracking: Track, monitor and respond to employees as they travel. The user’s location is automatically displayed.   
  • Alerts: A simple shake of the phone sends notifications to chosen emergency contacts with the user’s current location. Video and audio are automatically captured.  
  • Journeys and Meetings: Share meetings and itineraries as users set start and end points. Emergency contacts are then provided real-time movement updates for the duration.  
  • Geofencing: Defined areas are marked on the map. Users will receive an alert when they enter a marked area.  
  • Country Profile: Up-to-date risk summaries for all countries are provided highlighting key travel risks, cultural and security considerations.   
  • Mass Notifications: If an incident occurs, send notifications to all affected employees with instructions, regardless of where they are in the world.