Business Travel: Secure Drive

Corporate travel is increasing, year on year, with globalisation and business are increasingly pursuing opportunities in medium to high-risk areas. Companies travel far and wide to do business and according to Certify (travel expense management) “for every dollar spent, companies commonly see a $2.90 profit increase and a $9.50 rise in revenue”. So there is a rewarding ROI. Executives are flown business class as their companies want travellers ready to do business when they arrive. Hotels are usually high quality with all services included for to ensure the greatest productivity from highest paid exec’s. The benefits outweigh the costs, as we can see from the quote above.  In terms of Travel Risk Management, “Duty Of Care” concerns the companies legal and moral responsibilities toward employees when they travel. The company has an obligation to prevent foreseeable accidents or medical issues and should take reasonable measures to ensure employee safety and mitigate predictable risks.

Ground Transportation is often neglected in this chain. Executives are at greatest risk when in transit to and from the office, accommodation or airport. Potential exposure to risks and hazards during business travel include road traffic accidents, vehicle failure and poor route selection through higher risk areas or country-specific threats such as theft, kidnap, car-jacking, armed robbery and assault. Secure drive transportation harnesses local knowledge and intelligence in conjunction with vetted drivers to deliver a safe environment.

Corporate travel departments might arrange a taxi or best case scenario a Limo but many are not aware of secure ground transportation. Priavo can manage your safety as you travel globally, with a secure drive chauffeur service designed around your security needs, location, level of risk and group size. This service is delivered by vetted security trained drivers and safety checked vehicles. You will receive your driver’s profile prior to your journey and travel risk reports will be provided analysing all cities on your itinerary. When it comes to the vehicle itself, we offer a carefully selected range of secure options, including Range Rovers, Mercedes Vianos, Executive Sedans, SUVs and armoured vehicles depending on the task and location. If required, we will provide Travel Risk Management services including security advances, logistical support, tracking and Executive Protection.

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