Driving Security Forward

From home to the hotel, to the airport, to the office, to meetings, to an event, driving is still the most practical and independent way to get to where you want to be. Yet, despite a recent rise in lone wolf attacks, one of the main travel risks to business travellers  is road traffic accidents with car jacking and express kidnapping also prevalent across certain medium to high risk locations globally.

Keeping employees safe is crucial as business travellers involved in safety or security incidents can face severe legal and financial consequences. And if you add up the amount of journeys by road you and your employees take – in medium to higher risk areas – then the situation becomes even more serious.

Priavo can manage your safety as you travel though higher risk areas all over the world through secure journey management. If you need to travel by car, we’ll provide you with a fully a qualified Secure Chauffeur designed around your security needs, location, level of risk and group size. All our Security Trained Drivers are vetted and trained in advanced and evasive driving techniques, anti-surveillance, situational/threat awareness, accident management, vehicle search techniques and safety systems.

For a Secure Chauffeur service you will receive your driver’s name, number and profile prior to your journey and travel risk reports will be provided analysing all countries and cities on your itinerary. When it comes to the vehicle itself, we offer a carefully selected range of secure options, including Range Rovers and Mercedes Vianos, as well as executive sedans, SUVs and minivans depending on the task and location. Fully secure armoured vehicles are also available in medium and high-risk regions. If required, or we feel it necessary, we will provide Travel Risk Management services including security advances, logistical support, tracking and executive protection.

At Priavo, our multi-disciplinary security team consists of experienced ex-members of the UK Special Forces, police, military and intelligence agencies. Vetted, licensed and professionally qualified, our security trained drivers and Operatives work all over the world, on confidential security deployments on behalf of private individuals, families, businesses and governments.

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