Yare Networking | Superyacht Captains’ Forum LIVE 2020

The yachting industry is being actively targeted by sophisticated criminal networks across the globe. Superyachts, crew, owners and associated stakeholders are the subjects of ‘detailed digital intelligence’ compiled by criminal groups who are scouting for a cyber-attack opportunity. These are well-financed, highly organised criminal businesses with plans, budgets and resources available. Superyachts are often easy targets with high-profile wealthy owners or charter clients whom are on board to relax.

Additionally, yachts are usually managed from one central management system that controls everything from navigation and engine management to entertainment system and lighting. This set-up, whilst very convenient opens up the yacht to a multitude of internal and external cyber security threats. Criminals can:

• access emails to find information or opportunities to divert payments
• access onboard CCTV footage, steal the files and use for extortion/blackmail
• access navigational systems to create location confusion
• take over propulsion systems to stop movement out of a marina;
• enforce stopping at a place of their choosing;
• at worst take control of the vessel

It is important to understand that a cyber-attack is not the end goal. Often it provides the means to exploit and access information to be used as leverage.

Addressing cyber security can be an intimidating prospect, but Pete murphy, CEO of Priavo Maritime Security and Mark Oakton, CEL of Infosec Partners – both members of the 360 Maritime Alliance – will be involved with a live discussion panel for the Yare Networking Superyacht Captains’ Forum LIVE 2020. This 2 day event is scheduled for Thur 26th – Fri 27th Nov 20 to advise and offer their solutions to the growing threat of maritime cyber-crime and to raise awareness for the upcoming IMO cyber regulations that come into effect on Jan 1st 2021.

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