Asset Protection, Surveillance and Canine Services in Hudson Bay, Canada

Asset Protection, Surveillance and Canine Services: Hudson Bay, Canada

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Vessel Hardening, TSCM and Canine Narcotics Sweep for a superyacht in Hudson Bay, Canada.

Our Approach

  • Escort the Principal to and from all vessel whilst onboard
  • Provision of logistical support for the Principals travel coordinating all movements
  • Briefing the Principal, key personnel and Crew on security measures adopted
  • Additional Security sourced for access control, perimeter security and onboard support
  • Provision of a security survey of the vessel once on board
  • Recommendations for emergency procedures including lock down and safe areas (Citadels).
  • Risk assessments carried out for any trips ashore.
  • Recce’s where appropriate to gauge safety and atmospherics.
  • Narcotics sweep of all areas of the vessel including staterooms, crew quarters and bridge – in partnership with Provincial
  • Government of British Columbia and K9 services.
  • Technical Surveillance sweep to locate and disable electronic and audio surveillance devices.
  • Manpower: 1 EPO, 4 K9 Operatives with dogs, 2 surveillance specialists


Priavo operatives escorted the Principal and key stakeholders to and from all locations maintaining a safe environment around the Principal, managing and mitigating all types of threat. Security teams remained fully flexible throughout the task to offer full support, liaising with local assets, key contacts, law enforcement agencies and embassies where appropriate. Priavo operations coordinated all road moves, logistical support and secure transportation briefing the Principal and key personnel on security measures adopted.  


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