Physical and Technical Security Audit, Remote Monitoring in California

Physical and Technical Security Audit, Remote Monitoring, RST: California, US

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Comprehensive Physical and Technical Security audits followed by four weeks residential security and remote monitoring for an Ultra high Net Worth Principal. Cyber security audits, TSCM and bug sweeping of residential property with implementation of all recommended information security services.

Our Approach

  • Physical and Technical Security Audit on the property
  • Assessed to identify vulnerabilities and present key findings
  • Review of physical measures internally and externally to detect, deter and delay third parties
  • Review of the effectiveness and positioning of the current CCTV and Intruder alarm system
  • Review of external lighting, landscaping and natural barriers
  • Review of blinds and glass treatments and potential areas of privacy
  • Review of physical barriers and access points both fixed and improvised
  • Physical security review of all electronic devices in the client network
  • Cybersecurity assessment of the protection level of the home network
  • Remote monitoring of appliances and all network activity
  • Risk assessment of remote access exposures and electronic devices
  • Access control and physical security review, cyber aspects of CCTV, door access, perimeter and location tracking. New
  • camera system and CCTV installed.
  • Review of all mobile device security provisions and tracking options
  • Manpower: 2 UK based Tier 1 surveillance operatives, 1 UK Cyber Specialist, rotating 8 man RST team, 1 embedded security manager


Full report produced with recommendations for improvement and control of all high-risk findings throughout the period.  

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