Security for a birthday party and live bands on board 120m Mega-Yacht in Florida

Maritime Security and VIP Close Protection: Florida

Maritime Security North America

Security for a birthday party and live bands on board 120m Mega-Yacht.

Our Approach

  • Provision of full risk assessment, brief and security awareness training to Captain and crew.
  • Management of production crew during staging and technical set up and take down.
  • Guest management: access to different zones aboard the vessel.
  • Ensured all guests, staff and crew adhered to house rules and privacy agreements.
  • Clearance and security sweep of vessel post party.
  • Manpower: 4 Operatives, 6 uniformed 24 hr shoreside security officers, sniffer dogs.
  • Result

    Priavo operatives facilitated the protection of the Principal and all guests onboard – ensuring that any risks were dealt with quickly and efficiently. Crew and management undertook security training prior to the event to ensure full cooperation from all parties. Guests, staff and crew were briefed on house rules and the Principals expectations upon arrival. During the event operatives provided access control to areas within the vessel, restricting certain zones from access and managed the production crews whilst assisting with any logistical challenges.

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