Regular Supply Salvia Based Tests to a UK based global airline.

COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Tests: UK

Corporate Security UK

Regular Supply Salvia Based Tests to a UK based global airline, gradually phasing ground staff and aircrew back to work as pandemic restrictions lift.

Our Approach

  • Sourced and procured UK Government approved rapid Dual Antigen COVID-19 tests from UK manufacturer
  • Extensive Research regarding efficacy, specificity and accuracy to support airline with in-house testing facility
  • Procurement through Priavo Security Protectfully division
  • Ongoing weekly comms with Airline Project Management Team
  • Support, advice and training on product
  • Supporting crew transport vital PPE supplies for the NHS.
  • Result

    Priavo operatives escorted the Principal and key stakeholders to and from all locations maintaining a safe environment around the Principal, managing and mitigating all types of threat. Our security team remained fully flexible throughout the task to offer full support, liaising with local assets and key contacts. Priavo operations coordinated all road moves, logistical support and secure transportation briefing the Principal and key personnel on security measures adopted.  

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