Regular Armed Transits of Superyachts Through High Risk Areas in the Gulf of Aden


Maritime Security AfricaEgypt

Regular Armed Transits of Superyachts Through High Risk Areas.

Our Approach

  • Comprehensive operations support, monitoring and planning
  • Complete with Country and Regional Risk Assessments
  • Conduct vessel security assessment for security recommendations / familiarization
  • Advise, train and mentor the vessel’s crew – on actions in the event of a piracy incident, areas of concern and recent pirate activity in the area.
  • 24-hour watch cover, augmented where necessary by deck crew look outs with an incident management plan and response in the event of an incident
  • Armed response maintained on board the vessel for the duration of the transit
  • Monitor information from international Naval Forces, other agencies and coalition
  • Manpower: 4-Armed Maritime Security Operatives
  • Equipment: registered firearms, body armour, night vision devices, online AIS vessel tracking, sat phone for HQ contact
  • Result

    Priavo operatives escorted the Principal and key stakeholders to and from all locations maintaining a safe environment around the Principal, managing and mitigating all types of threat. Security teams remained fully flexible throughout the task to offer full support, liaising with local assets, key contacts, law enforcement agencies and embassies where appropriate. Priavo operations coordinated all road moves, logistical support and secure transportation briefing the Principal and key personnel on security measures adopted.  


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