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Maritime 360 Alliance / Cyber Security Services
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Cyber Risk Assessment

This allows a yacht to assess, identify and modify their overall security posture as it enables security, operations, and management to view the entire system from an attacker’s perspective. All WI-FI and network-enabled devices including physical access controls and camera systems are evaluated. A tactical plan is delivered to help strengthen security and reduce risk.

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Technical Penetration testing

A flexible portfolio of security testing, resulting in recommendations for ships staff, management and technicians. Testing is performed from an external and internal (trusted) network position to highlight weaknesses in IT and OT systems onboard. Reports summarise the potential impact and consequences to a vessel exploitation, with cost effective strategies to mitigate risk.

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Cyber Monitor, Protect and Respond

Onboard and onshore systems are covered with 24/7 security monitoring and threat analytics, designed to look for threats to ships, yachts, crew and owners. We carry out digital surveillance of stakeholders and pen testing on all technical devices. Experts review security, threat, and compliance posture. Cyber forensics and crisis management is included and cyber specialists work on containment and identification of root cause for all alerts.

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Cyber and VIP Protect

We guarantee ransomware protection and provide an enforcement layer of controls to separate and protect all components. Secure methods of communications are provided with protection packages for ships and personal systems for the principal, family and crew. This includes reputation and information protection, advanced cyber protection and management of all personal and family devices and secured email, internet and protection of all connected devices.


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