Lifestyle Security

Private / Lifestyle Security Services
Lifestyle Security Close Protection

Close Protection

Our security operatives have vast experience working alongside public figures, VIPs and families. We understand the sensitive nature of working with families and will provide a multi-layered, comprehensive security solution in a respectful and seamless manner. Logistical support is provided in all cases enabling one secure point of coordination.


Lifestyle Security Technical Surveillance


Surveillance is used to obtain information. Technical Surveillance is employed to inspect all assets for the presence of electronic listening or visual monitoring devices. Our counter surveillance strategies can expose intent, thus minimising risk. Our network of operatives employs a combination of technology, surveillance and problem-solving to generate actionable intelligence.

Lifestyle Security Event Security for Private Parties, Promotions and Tours

Event Security

We cover all facets of event security for private parties, promotions, tours and business meetings. We will identify and prioritise potential risks that could cause an unwanted security situation, partnering with the organisers to coordinate event security and logistics. Our low profile, professional presence is favoured by many of our clients.

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